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  1. Auditions for Lilly Theatre

    The Lilly Theater at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis announces:
    Lyle the Crocodile

    Friday, January 10th, 2014 from 3:30pm to 6:00pm
    By appointment only

    The Lilly Theater @ The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
    3000 N. Meridian Indianapolis, IN 46206


    • This is a professional theatre. All positions are paid.
    • Dates: Rehearsals begin – January 27th
    • Show
  2. Auditions for The Rented Christmas at Christi's Off-Broadway Theatre

    Come see why Christi's Off-Broadway Theatre is so special. We combine film and stage to create a unique theatre experience.

    4 Males, 7 Females, plus carolers
    Various ages from 6 to older adult

    Auditions will be held at Christi's Off-Broadway Theatre at 16 S. Tompkins St, Shelbyville, IN
    Tuesday, October 22 at 7pm
    Thursday, October 24 at 7pm

    Show dates are December 13, 14, 15, 20, 21

    Contact the casting department at
  3. AUDITION CALL for "Arden of Faversham": JOIN US!!!

    Hoosier Bard Productions "Arden of Faversham"

    Audition Call
    Hoosier Bard Productions

    Arden of Faversham
    October 7, 9, 10: 5:30-8:30 by appointment only.

    Show dates: April 3, 4, 5, 11, 12

    Possible touring for one weekend
  4. You've Got Some Nerve

    Short Film

    The Mason Family gathers home for an out of this World gourmet meal and some long awaited good news from their son, Spencer. Coming from an upwardly mobile family who has always been there for each other, Spencer has his first up-close and personal brush with the ugly act of intolerance.

    He is devastated as he learns that his taste in a soul-mate is not shared by all, leaving his discriminating, upper crusty palate wanting more than just caviar... revenge.
  5. Lost In Brooklyn by Jayla Brooks (unfinished)

    What's it about?

    Jacob Smith is the new kid in school being that he has no friends. Richard Holmes aka Richie is a rebellious teen who does not care what people think. Being the rebellious teen that his is, he takes nothing from any one, not even his teachers. Not only is he a bad kid in school but a troublemaker in the streets. Richie lives the lifestyle of the Brooklyn Cats (Brooklyn's most known gang). Jacob, a sweet and innocent boy, befriends Richie and becomes a part of the crew. ...
    Tags: brooklyn, play, writer
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