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  1. Stephen: a word about Camelot at CTS. I'm sorry I missed your version, and I can't think who would have done it at cts. Before Clair Gee's time. Maybe Polly? Anyway, when Mary C. first appeared in a dark blue velvet, white-fur-trimmed cape over a rose red dress that set off her golden hair, everyone in the audience fell in love with her. I heard several gay men stood up and took the pledge, along with a couple of straight women. Hell, I could've been one of them! Just an example of how the right visual can really carry an impact on character. You've done that, too, most recently in Miss Saigon. Seeing the show tonight--after a funeral. Please tell everyone to give me plenty of yocks.
  2. Stephen, sometimes what I hope for comes true. Congrats on the Encore for Jane Eyre. You most certainly deserve it!
  3. Stephen, I saw "Can-Can" on AMC last night. Thought about how much fun you would have with the dresses. I think they were velveteen, with all those ruffles underneath. D'ya think Indy theatre could ever get enough real dancers to produce that show? I mean real, gymnastic dancers. Susan freeman
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