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  1. Hey Stephen!

    I just received a PM from Ryan -- He's in Pembroke Pines (and area about which I know NADA!) Anyway, I'm going to try to head that direction with my guy so we can say hi and grab a beer. Sounds like a cool place.

    I never worked at Sol since I can't (they're non-union,) but I keep thinking I'll get in there to see a show one day. Unfortunately, I keep trying to play catch-up with my friends' shows. (Just when I think I'm on top of it 4 more shows open...)

  2. Kathy sounds like Ryan is in the Galleria or the Target mallon Oakland. It is kinda fun to be able to pinpiont places. Have you done anything at the Sol Theatre? It was right down the street from me. Reminded me of TOTS
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