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  1. Skerdog
    I honestly haven't figured out yet what these groups are...but let's play with it and see what happens.
  2. Phototiger
    Imagine no liberals.
  3. shaylak
    Hey Kids! Yes...I am a conservative!
  4. Lionheart
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.
  5. Joe
    Yeah... look at me... I'm a CONSERVATIVE!!!
  6. agingdiva
    And yet, there's a part of me that is socially liberal. I just don't want my taxes to pay for it. Is it schiziod to join both?
  7. Phototiger
    I just saw a terrific bumper sticker. It read:
    "It's God's job to judge al-Qaeda. It's our job to arrange the meeting - The U.S.M.C."

    I applauded it as I read it at the light.
  8. Joe
    You all see the article about McCain.
    He wants to lift the ban on offshore drilling.

    It would be an uphill battle... but it would really help our ability to be independent.
    Technology has come so far since a lot of these restrictions were put in place, I just can't believe it is so difficult.
  9. agingdiva
    Ok, it's all over but the teeth-gnashing. Armstrong Williams and J.C. Watts have crapped out.,00.html

    At one time it was considered reprehensible to cast a vote on the basis of race. Guess that philosophy has become obsolete.

    Re: off-shore drilling. One of the guests on CNBC yesterday recommended dealing the states directly into the process.
  10. Joe
    Sorry... what did you say? I was just changing my federally approved light bulb.
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